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What is the course all about?

Java is the most popular digital application in web designing and it is preferred by high end users because of various purposes. If your basic knowledge concerning language is not strong then you cannot be able to develop a unique application. Being in a good position to learn at your pace is one of the reasons why core Java training is effective. 70% of any Java based interview questions are from Core Java only. Knowledge of Core Java decides your JOB.

Core Java Programming Course Content

Features of Java, History of Java,
Comparison of Java and C++,
Java Environment Setup,
Popular Java Editors,
First Java Program.
Structure of a Java program,
Variables and Constants,
Assigning Values to Variables,
Special Operators,
Decision Making Statements,
Loop Control Structure (Iterative Statement),
Branching Statements,
What is an object?,
What is a class?,
Defining a Class and Method,
Mutator and Accessor Methods,
Static Members and Methods,
What are Packages?,
Access Specifiers,
The Object Class,
Wrapper Classes,
Garbage Collection (finalize() method).
What is Inheritance?,
Single Inheritance,
Multilevel Inheritance,
Hierarchical Inheritance,
Use of “Super” Keyword,
Methods Overriding,
Abstract Classes.
Defining and Implementing Interfaces,
Partial Implementation of Interface,
Extending Interfaces,
Object Cloning,
Nested and Inner Classes,
Non-static nested class,
Static Nested Class.
try, catch, throw, throws and finally keywords,
Exception Types,
Catching Exceptions and Handling Exceptions,
The try and catch Block,
Multiple Catch Blocks,
Nested Try Blocks,
Creating User Defined Exceptions.
String class,
String class Methods,
StringBuffer class,
StringBuffer class Methods,
Difference between String and StringBuffer.
Advantages of Streams,
Byte Stream, OutputStream,
Character Stream, Reader,
Buffered Reader,
Create a new File,
Reading a File,
Copy the content of a file into another,
Random Access File.
Windows Fundamentals or Awt Hierarchy,
Awt and Its Controls,
Push buttons,
Check boxes,
Choice lists,
List boxes,
Scroll bars,
Text boxes,
Layout Managers,
Swing Features,
Model View-Controller (Mvc) Architecture,
Swing Controls,
Event Handling,
Adapter Classes.
Difference between Applet and Application,
Applet Fundamentals,
Applet Life-cycle,
Attributes of Applet Tag,
Running Applets,
Status Window in Applet,
Applet Tag in Html File,
Applet Advantages and Restrictions,
Drawing Graphics.


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What Our Students say..

Good Quality of Teaching

I like this class because in this class good quality of teaching, mam takes more program practice as well as give me knowledge about Java & PHP and Updated knowledge also.

Monika N. Taklakar

I am Thankful to Mam

I like Java very much because first it was very difficult to understand this language but guidance of Bagul Infotech it become so much easier.. Hence I am thankful to mam..

Kirti K. Sasane.

My Class is Awesome

My class is awesome.. Teaching is very simple & nice… Mam is very helpful n she try to solve all the problems & queries of all students… Sir is very simple so I love my class, sir and mam also...

Rutuja Mane.

Great Pleasure to Join Bagul Infotech

It is my great pleasure to join this class, Sir and Mam are too good. Mam not only giving educational knowledge, but also given good career guidance, and general knowledge, which will definitely help me in future, life. I am very thankful to Sir and Mam that such given knowledge and information.

Santosh Kadam

key to Success

The key to success is through Bagul Infotech. I have very well realized it and would like others also to appreciate it by joining the Bagul Infotech.

Yogesh Bhandare.

Place Where Learning is Joy

Bagul Infotech is a place where learning is joy. Here, teaching is a piece of art. And we students interact with sir and madam very humoursly and learn with great efficiency.

Rucha Kamble