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C++ is a general-purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming. C++ is still around and many of the applications that run on Windows and Linux are written in it. The world of open source uses C++ extensively. The entire AAA games industry, with a few multi million dollar titles, depends on C++. We doubt any other language will ever be a good fit in that domain.

C++ Programming Course Content

Overview of Procedure Oriented Programming,
What is Object Oriented Programming?,
Features of Object-Oriented Programming,
Benefits/Advantages of Object Oriented Programming,
Difference between POP and OOP,
Object-Oriented Methodology.

A Brief History of C++, Differences between C and C++,
Writing and Executing A C++ Program, Structure of a Program,
C++ Keywords, Data Types in C++, User defined data types(Structure, Unions, Class),
cin and cout, Memory Management Operators (new and delete),
Scope Resolution Operator (::),
Reference variable, Defining Classes,
Defining Member Functions, Defining Member Variable,
Nesting of Classes,
Creating Objects,
Accessing Class Members,
Array of Objects.
Advantages of Using Functions,
Declaring a Function,
Defining a Function,
Calling a Function,
Call by Value,
Call by reference,
Return Value,
Default Arguments,
Inline Functions,
Static Class Members,
Const argument function,
Private Member Functions,
Nesting of member function,
Local Class,
Object as Function Argument,
Returning Object by function,
Friend Functions and Friend Classes.
Advantages of Pointer,
Pointer Expression,
Pointers to function,
Pointers in array,
Pointers to string ,
Pointers to object,
“this” Pointer,
Pointers to class member.
Introduction, Rules for Defining Constructor,
Invoking a Constructor,
Types of Constructors,
Default constructor,
Parameterized constructor,
Constructor with default values,
Copy constructor,
Dynamic constructor,
Multiple Constructors in a Class,
Destructor Declaration &
Definition, Rules for writing a destructor function.
Compile Time Polymorphism-Function Overloading,
Operator Overloading,
Operator Function,
Rules for Operator Overloading,
Overloading Unary Operators,
Overloading as Friend Function,
Overloading Binary Operators,
Overloading Binary Operators Using Friends,
Runtime Polymorphism,
Overloading and overriding
What is Inheritance?,
Advantages of Inheritance,
Types of Inheritance,
Types of Inheritance,
Nature of the inheritance hierarchy (Single inheritance, Multiple inheritance, Multilevel inheritance, Hierarchical inheritance, Hybrid inheritance),
Access rights in the derived class(public, private, protected),
Constructors in Derived Classes,
Destructors in Derived Classes,
Pointers to Derived Classes,
Virtual Functions,
Abstract Class.
Basic of an exception Handling,
Exception Handling Mechanism,
Exception handling is done using three keywords: try, throw, catch, Multiple Catch Statements, Catching Class Types Exception , Catching Exception of All Types, Rethrowing An Exception, Nesting Try-Catch Blocks, Exception Specification.
Advantages of Templates,
Function Template,
Features of generic functions,
Overloading a Function Template,
Overloading by a non-template function,
Class Templates,
Defining Member Functions,
Class Template with Default Parameters,
Template with Multiple Parameters.
C++ Stream Classes,
Unformatted Console I/O,
Formatted Output,
Creating User Defined Manipulators,
Correspondence Between iostream.h and iomanip.h,.
File, Streams,
File stream Classes,
File Operations,
Opening a File,
Closing a File,
Detecting the End-Of-File,
Reading /Writing a Character from a File,
Reading and Writing Block of Data,
Reading and Writing Objects,
File Pointers and Their Manipulation,
File Updation with Random Access.


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