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Data structures are used in almost every program or software system. Specific data structures are essential ingredients of many efficient algorithms, and make possible the management of huge amounts of data, such as large integrated collection of databases. Some programming languages emphasize data structures, rather than algorithms, as the key organizing factor in software design.

Data Structure Course Content

Role of Algorithms,
Role of a Data Structure,
Identifying Techniques for Designing Algorithms,
What is Data Structure?,
Types of Data Structures,
Dynamic Memory Allocation,
Algorithm Analysis,
Abstract Data Types(ADT).
Types of an Array,
Array Declaration,
Array Initialization,
Memory allocation,
Advantages & Disadvantages,
Bound Checking,
Multi-Dimensional Array,
Arrays and function,
Arrays and pointer,
Declaration of Structure,
Memory allocation,
Initialization of structure variable,
Accessing Structure Members,
Nested Structures,
Array in Structures,
Array of structure,
Structure and pointer,
Structure and functions. 
Method Of Sorting (Internal sort, External sort),
Sorting Algorithms,
Bubble sort,
Selection sort,
Insertion sort,
Merge sort,
Quick sort,
Heap sort,
Searching Techniques,
Linear Search, Binary search.
Defining Linked List,
Singly linked list,
Doubly linked list,
Circular linked list,
Doubly Circular linked list,
Advantages & Disadvantages of Link List,
Operations on Linked list- Creation, Insertion, Deletion, Traversing, Searching, Concatenation,
Polynomials Using Linked Lists. 
Introduction of Stack, Operations on Stack,
Stack representation,
Evaluation of Expression,
Infix to Postfix using STACK,
Evaluation of postfix,
Infix to Prefix using STACK,
Evaluation of prefix,
Prefix to Infix Conversion,
Postfix to Infix Conversion,
Prefix to Postfix Conversion,
Applications of Stacks,
Tower Of Hanoi.
Primitive Operations on a Queue,
Queue Using Linked List,
Types of Queues- Circular queue, Double ended queue (de-queue/deque),
Priority queue,
Applications of the Priority Queue,
Multiple Queues,
Applications of Queue Data Structure,
Compare the data structures: stack and queue Solution.
Tree Terminology,
Types of Tree,
Applications of Binary Trees,
Types of Binary Trees,
Representation of Binary Tree,
Array Implementation of Binary Tree,
Linked Implementation of Binary Trees,
Binary Tree Traversal,
Inorder traversal,
Preorder traversal,
Postorder traversal,
Operations on Binary Tree-Creation, Traversal, Deletion, Insertion,Copy, Merge, Compare, Searching In Trees,
Binary Search Tree (BST),
Encoding Messages Using a Huffman Tree,
Arithmetic Expression Evaluation,
Implementing Heap Sort Algorithm.
What is a Graph?,
Graph Terminology,
Representing a Graph-Adjacency Matrix,
Adjacency List,
Traversing a Graph,
Depth First Search (DFS),
Breadth First Search (BFS),
Application of Graph,
Spanning Trees,
Prim’s Algorithm,
Kruskal’s Algorithm.
Defining Hashing,
Limitations of Hashing,
Key terms related to hashing,
Truncation method,
Modular methods,
Mid Square method,
Folding method,
Resolving Collision,
Determining the Efficiency of Hashing.


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