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What is the course all about?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of Internet marketing associated with the researching, submitting and positioning of website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility and increase your share of paid and/or organic traffic referrals from search engines. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is all about handling Paid Advertising whether it is a Text, Image or a Video Ad. This course will teach you how these ads are run. How you can handle paid Campaigns and much more.

Search Engine Marketing Course Content

Google PPC Campaigns,
LinkedIn Campaigns,
Facebook Campaign,
YouTube Advertising.
Google Adwords and its Benefits,
Creating Adwords Account,
Adwords Interface Tour,
Adwords Dash Board,
Billing in Adwords.
Understanding purpose of Campaign,
Account Limits in Adwords,
Location and Language Settings,
AdWords Campaign types,
Networks and Devices,
Bidding and Budget,
Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling,
Ad delivery: Ad rotation,
Frequency capping,
Demographic bidding (Display Only),
Automatic campaign optimization (Display Only).
Purpose of Ad Groups,
Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative),
Adwords Keyword Tool,
Text Ad Format, 
Quality Score and Its Importance,
Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board,
Search Terms,
Columns Customization,
Alerts and Notifications,
Ad Types in Adwords,
Text Ads and Guidelines,
Image Ad Formats and Guidelines,
Display Ad Builder Ads and Guidelines,
Video Ads Format,
Ads Preview and Diagnosis. 
Setting a Display Network Campaign,
Concept of CPM and Branding,
Automatic Placements,
CPC Bidding and CPM Bidding,
Manual Placements,
Placement Tool,
Contextual Targeting Tool,
Setting a Video Campaign,
Setting a Video Campaign,
Audience Tab.
A/B Testing,
Purpose of Conversions,
Create your Conversion Tracking Code,
Tracking the Conversions for Multiple Product.
Website Optimizer Tool,
Google adwords Editor,
Google My Client Center,
Google adwords API,
User Access Levels.
Introductions to Social Media and Facebook in particular,
What are the business benefits of a Facebook profile?,
How it works – the advanced and little known features,
Etiquette on Facebook,
Building your brand on Facebook,
Connecting and research with Facebook,
Creating new customers and keeping them,
Driving visitors to your website through Facebook,
Enhancing your Facebook activity,
Direct communication with your Facebook ‘friends’,
Generating leads through Facebook for offline follow-up,
Essential third party tools and applications,
Facebook and legal implications,
Your company on Facebook,
Your competitors on Facebook,
The sector in which you operate and Facebook trends,
Achieving your company/organization goals on Facebook. 
Introduction to LinkedIn,
Why LinkedIn is key and its place in the social media and business world,
Setting your LinkedIn strategy,
Getting your Settings right for you,
How it works – the advanced and little known features,
Etiquette on LinkedIn,
Building your brand on LinkedIn,
Creating the right profile: the cornerstone of your LinkedIn activity,Developing your profile to attract new prospects and clients as well as acting as “social proof” for referrals and word of mouth,
Developing your network to increase your reach and visibility,
Methods and approaches to extend your network,
Using the advanced search facilities to find new potential prospects and target new business,
Raising your profile and marketing yourself,
your company and services,
Developing and raising your profile to set you apart from the competition on LinkedIn,
Groups: participating sensibly and establishing your own, Recommendations, messaging, endorsements and other onsite tools,
Company tools and coordinating activities, Setting up, expanding and promoting the all-important Company Pages,
Company Page Products and Services examined,
Using the Company Updates and Follow buttons,
LinkedIn for General business and marketing use,
LinkedIn for Sales & Business Development,
LinkedIn for Recruiters,
Unlocking the Corporate Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn,
LinkedIn as a tool for Job seekers (Outplacement focus).
An introduction to YouTube,
How to optimize your YouTube channel,
How to gain more youtube views & subscribers successful,
How to work with your youtube audience,
Youtube Ad Formats Supported,
Youtube Analytics & Insights,
Video Manager,
Youtube Video Dashboard,
Video Bidding CPV(Cost Per View ),
do’s and don’ts about creating your YouTube presence,
How it works – the advanced and little known features,
Content – what, why and when to publish it on YouTube, Building your brand on YouTube,
The important of the written word to promote video,
Driving visitors to your website through YouTube,
Embedding and distributing video for commercial gain,
YouTube and legal implications,
The sector in which you operate and YouTube trends.
Introduction to Email Marketing,
How does Email Marketing Works,
Building an Email List,
Creating Email Content,
Optimizing Email Campaign,
AB Testing,
Analyzing test result.


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Good Quality of Teaching

I like this class because in this class good quality of teaching, mam takes more program practice as well as give me knowledge about Java & PHP and Updated knowledge also.

Monika N. Taklakar

I am Thankful to Mam

I like Java very much because first it was very difficult to understand this language but guidance of Bagul Infotech it become so much easier.. Hence I am thankful to mam..

Kirti K. Sasane.

My Class is Awesome

My class is awesome.. Teaching is very simple & nice… Mam is very helpful n she try to solve all the problems & queries of all students… Sir is very simple so I love my class, sir and mam also...

Rutuja Mane.

Great Pleasure to Join Bagul Infotech

It is my great pleasure to join this class, Sir and Mam are too good. Mam not only giving educational knowledge, but also given good career guidance, and general knowledge, which will definitely help me in future, life. I am very thankful to Sir and Mam that such given knowledge and information.

Santosh Kadam

key to Success

The key to success is through Bagul Infotech. I have very well realized it and would like others also to appreciate it by joining the Bagul Infotech.

Yogesh Bhandare.

Place Where Learning is Joy

Bagul Infotech is a place where learning is joy. Here, teaching is a piece of art. And we students interact with sir and madam very humoursly and learn with great efficiency.

Rucha Kamble